20 November, 2011

Single and electric Volkswagen Nils

Single and electric Volkswagen Nils

For someone the car is a sign of the status. Here they also buy for driving on city streets huge off-road cars. And for someone the car is not luxury, nevertheless means of transportation. Here they also will accept the single electric car of Volkswagen Nils which will be presented in some days on the Frankfurt Motor show.

13 November, 2011

The navigator for blind Touch and Go

The navigator for blind Touch and Go

Already repeatedly we wrote about various adaptations and gadgets for the blind. One of them are made to help on purpose to invalids to feel same as everything, others (certainly more useful and valuable) for simplification of movement or orientation in space. One more gadget having high potential in this sphere - navigator Touch and Go from Natalia Ponomarevoj's Russian designer (Natalia Ponomareva).

12 November, 2011

The most unusual gejmpad and a masseur for a back in combination

The most unusual gejmpad and a masseur for a back in combination

Who, having come back home after tiresome day on work, will refuse pleasant weakening massage? Especially, if in a role of the masseur of favourite "significant other" tries. But often happens that the darling «one second» in an emphasis refuses to understand hints, having buried in the TV and having steeped in the virtual world of video-games. To take offence? No! After all it is possible to receive desired massage, without tearing off the partner from the console. It is enough to get an interactive waistcoat with invocatory name Massage Me.

Brown colour of eyes will change on dark blue by means of the laser

Whether it is a lot of among us such, what are happy with the appearance? And colour of eyes what the mother-nature has given to us? How for ever to transform brown eyes in dark blue the American doctor Gregg the Homere has thought up. For this purpose he suggests to use the laser.

05 November, 2011

"Green" bicycle cinema in London

"Green" bicycle cinema in London

Thames Hub – the London megaairport from Normana Fostera

Thames Hub – the London megaairport from Normana Fostera

The British architect Norman Foster is able to think on a substantial scale! So on a substantial scale that the new project it is going to mention not only the city of London where its realisation, but also all Europe is planned! Get acquainted, the project of airport Thames Hub which becomes the largest transport knot of all European continent!

Megaphone for iPhone

Megaphone for iPhone
The smart phone iPhone from company Apple last years became one of the most popular gadgets in the world. It has replaced with itself(himself) many other devices. For example, the musical centres. Here only the special acoustic system is for this purpose necessary. For example, in the form of a megaphone. Such portable device under the name iPhone Horn Stand also has appeared recently on sale.

As reminders on God influence our acts

The reminder on God is capable to affect acts of the person strongly. To such conclusion researchers from University of Waterloo in Canada have come, — shares Personality and Social Psychology.

Jump and will be a current!?

At University of Wisconsin have thought up, as energy which is developed during walking, to start up on additional charge of mobile devices. For this purpose authors of research Eshli Taylor and Tom Krupenkin used electrospending liquids and technology of electrowetting, —   informs Nature Communications.

In Argentina have found out remains of the saber-toothed squirrel

Many of us with pleasure looked a cartoon film "Glacial age". Perhaps, saber-toothed squirrel was the most amusing character in a tape. Surprisingly, but there is a being very similar on the animation character, really once went by the ground. Anyway, the remains which have been dug out in the South America testify to it.

Hotbed gases will filter by means of special "sponge"

At University Lehaj have developed the new filter which can accumulate in itself hotbed gases, passing thus harmless connections.

At mankind physical power passes in the intellectual?

The researcher from the Cambridge university Martha Lar, having analysed physical development Homo Sapience, has come to a conclusion that we grow "downwards".
Risnok 1. Evolution of the person

23 October, 2011

Computer mouse... With a tail. An amusing animal from company Elecom

Oppopet Mouse, a wireless mouse having a tail from Nendo and Elecom

Till now the computer rodent, the small manipulator-mouse, had problems with a tail. It, the mouse tail, or at all was not, if the mouse wireless, or the tail was a long and thin wire which came to an end with a piece of iron for an input in USB-port or a socket in the system block. How to provide to a mouse really standing tail, have thought up companies Nendo and Elecom: their creation having a tail looks very lovely and is called Oppopet Mouse.

Innovative manipulator Celluon EvoMouse. A computer mouse in the form of the doggie

Mouse-scanner Celluon EvoMouse

For years of the existence, the computer mouse as soon as did not look. Both round, and the square form, and even in the form of the present, truth, a dead rodent, and in a ladybird appearance, in general, all kinds and forms simply not to remember. The Korean company Celluon has thought up absolutely new mouse - in the form of the doggie. Here only to touch it it is not necessary, it and so will work. You, the main thing, fingers on a table drive, and the device under name EvoMouse will read out these movements, and to decipher them for the computer.

Computer hedgehog Run-chy Mouse: means for struggle against a tunnel syndrome

Computer hedgehog Run-chy Mouse: means for struggle against a tunnel syndrome

We have got used to name this device for information input in the computer «a computer mouse». And after all, really, the majority of similar devices very much reminds this rodent. But not Run-chy Mouse which, despite the name, is more similar to a hedgehog, than on a mouse. And, these visual changes are made by the designer not for appearance, and for preventive maintenance of "a tunnel syndrome".

Ultrasonic accelerates healing of wounds

In the Royal infirmary in Glasgow use in quality ranozazhivljajushchego means … ultrasonic, — shares BBC News.

In mountains to build solar power stations it is more favourable, than in desert?

The more the sun, the more energy will collect solar batteries, it is clear. At National institute of the advanced industrial science and technics of Japan have suggested to place factories on solar energy manufacture not in deserts, and in mountains, proving it that at lower temperature it is possible to collect more energy. How much it was investigated expediently by experts Discovery News.

Probably, there are cubic neutrons

According to calculations of astrophysicists Phillip Lanes-Estrade and Gaspara Moreno Navarro, it is quite probable that very high density of packing of neutrons leads to that the form of particles changes with spherical on cubic, — scientists share in the article.

The candle flame has given a surprise: diamonds

Somebody from readers sometime reflected, of what the candle flame consists? And here scientists from university Sent-Endrju led by professor Utszun Chzhou this question it is live has interested. And to the surprise they have found out in a candle flame nanochastitsy diamonds, — researchers in the article published in magazine Chemical Communications share.

Clothes for additional charge of gadgets

It is probable, difficult to find now the person at whom in a pocket the mobile phone or a mp3-player would not lie. And quite often we face that the same mobile phone can be discharged at the most inappropriate moment. An exit from this situation have found in company Silvr Lining which inventors have thought up special clothes with solar batteries.

Men make a declaration of love before women

It is considered to be that women are greedier for words about love, than men. At the Massachusetts technological university have found out that for a strong half of mankind of a word «I love you» are important not less and they say them earlier, than women.

About what people «for 30» are sorry

It would seem, the you live longer, the more than the missed possibilities and, accordingly, subjects for pity. The research spent by scientists Illinojsky and Severo-Zapadogo of universities, proves that it not so, and samobichevat themselves able-bodied people of middle age are most of all inclined, and old men concern youth errors more easy.

22 October, 2011

The more safely the country, the is more unfortunate its citizens?

To understand the paradoxical fact why in the countries where inhabitants feel the happiest, traditionally highest level of suicides, experts from Great Britain (University Uorvika) and the USA (Hamilton-college and Federal reserve bank of San Francisco) undertook, — transfers PhysOrg, referring to the publication in Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.

16 October, 2011

Messenger has found out ice on Merkurii

Merkurii   has pleased scientists with new opening: it appears and on this hot planet there is an ice. Such data was collected by probe Messenger which turns now round the planet nearest to the Sun, — shares Science.

Musical preferences of youth testify to narcissism distribution

Interesting law was found out by psychologist Natan DeUoll from Kentukkijsky university, having analysed musical charts for last 27 years: the youth, in particular, American, gravitates to a narcissism more and more, — informs New York Times.

During the research work of De Uoll by means of the computer program has studied texts of songs which entered in top lists of charts with 1980 on 2007. It has appeared that in 80th years of last century people most of all loved songs in which it was told about general happiness, appeals to tolerance and racial harmony (for example, «Starting Over» John Lennon, «Ebony and Ivory» Paul McCartney) sounded.
Last decade in leaders songs in which it is a question of the unique person, its experiences, aspirations have escaped. Pronouns "we" and to "us" are used all less often. Instead of all of them "I" and "me", and texts of songs aggressive enough is more often sound.

Doctors: to drink juice of more than three glasses in day harmfully

To drink more than three glasses of juice in day – it is hazardous to health. In particular, it threatens with development of a cancer of intestines. To such conclusion researchers from University of Western Australia have come, — transfers Biusness and Health.

Scientists are in constant search of factors which do our organism vulnerable for a cancer. 1000 healthy people and 918 patients for whom diagnosed oncology of a thick gut have taken part in new research. From researchers the diet of volunteers which studied throughout two years has undergone to the most steadfast attention.

Schizophrenia will treat a computer game

The American company Brain Plasticity has developed a computer game which can help sick of a schizophrenia. Its purpose – to allow such people to train attention and memory, thereby facilitating the condition and braking disease progress, — writes New Scientist.

Green tea will help not to get fat

In green tea have found out one more useful property – he helps to struggle with excess weight. It is result of research which have spent at University of the State of Pennsylvania.

13 October, 2011

People gravitate to stereotypes when the disorder around reigns

The disorder around pushes people more strongly to adhere to stereotypes, — the Netherlands scientists from Tilburgsky university Sigvart Lindenberg and Diderik have proved the Building berth. Results has presented Nature News, referring to magazine Science.

12 October, 2011

5 most unusual sources of fuel

1. The confiscated alcohol which is processed in biogas. Annually on the way to Sweden it will be confiscated about 757 100 litres of alcohol and instead of getting rid of it, the authorities have found surprising and simultaneously a favourable way out. Alcohol began to process with a view of biogas reception — the fuel used for various vehicles, including buses and trains.

Scientists managed to start an one-molecular electric motor

Experts from University Taftsa (USA) have created an efficient one-molecular electric motor nanoscale. Scientists have shared results of the work with magazine Nature Nanotechnology.

Italians will construct elektron-pozitronnyj коллайдер SuperB

In 2017 it will be started new elektron-pozitronnyj коллайдер SuperB. On an extreme measure such plans were sounded by representatives of the Roman university «Torahs of Vergata» and the Italian Institute of nuclear physics.

11 October, 2011

The person has not died nearly because of baking soda

Baking soda has practically killed the adult person. It used it to eliminate a belly-ache which reason is the ulcer, writes wired.
Having slipped on a children's toy, the man has fallen and could not rise. Rescuers have brought it to hospital Cooper (Cooper Hospital) in New Jersey. On the way there they have noticed that the man practically does not breathe. In branch of emergency medical aid experts have quickly understood that with the arrived patient something not so. It looked is tousled, obviously suffered from shortage of weight and could not define precisely year. Whether it has wounded a head at falling?

The tired brain is capable to disconnect partially neurons

From St. Anna's Higher school in Pisa (Italy) and University of Wisconsin-Madison was possible to prove (USA) to researchers experimentally that the brain is capable to "disconnect" some zones to allow to them … to sleep, — transfers ScienceNews.

10 October, 2011

The most ridiculous scientific researches

It is considered, what curiosity – not defect, and it is pledge of development of our civilisation, but our today's review that of scientific researches of several last decades forces to reflect on that and where, as a matter of fact, we move?

The speed limit in space according to Einstein. Film of NASA

09 October, 2011

Scientists have convicted plants of ability to be reserved by water

In the Center on environment studying have come to a surprising conclusion: plants hold in soil near to the roots a small water-supply, — is informed in the publication of researchers in magazine New Phytologist.

As it is known to any schoolboy from a course of biology, a plant receive minerals and water from soil. In exchange they allocate nutrients which in turn support ability to live of microorganisms and mushrooms. The mutually advantageous symbiotic exchange is thus formed.

08 October, 2011

Small hooligans, maturing, are engaged рукоприкладством is more often

At faculty of public health services of the Harward university (USA) have found out that men who beat the women, in the childhood, as a rule, were notorious hooligans, — is informed in the report of researchers published in Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine.

Intellectual show-window-seller

At an exhibition of digital industry CeBIT 2011 in Hanover experts from Fraungofersky institute of telecommunication have presented system have presented an interactive show-window for shops, — shares Fast Company.

Good access to the Internet is useful to economy: it is checked up by scientists

What only do not spend researches in ours with you the eventful world. Here, for example, consulting company Arthur D. Little and the Swedish Technological university Chalmersa have analysed a situation in more, than 30 countries – and have come to a conclusion that between average speed of broadband access to the Internet and economy development there is quite obvious communication!

07 October, 2011

Typhoons are recognised by the starting mechanism of slow earthquakes

In magazine Nature article that scientists have established that slow earthquakes can be started by typhoons is published.

Slow earthquakes are slow fluctuations of a terrestrial surface which some hours or some days can proceed. Seismologists studied the data about earthquakes of the 2002-2007 which have occurred in east part of Taiwan. As a result of the analysis, it was possible to establish that eleven of twenty earthquakes powerful typhoons preceded.

Physicists have simulated black holes by means of rotating drops

The British physicists managed to receive in laboratory rotating drops of usual water of the unusual form. According to researchers, these drops can serve as models of black holes. On it informs magazine New Scientist. Work of scientists is published in magazine Physical Review Letters.

Birth of supermassive black holes have explained a dark matter

At astronomical conference which passes in Great Britain, the report of English astrophysicists which have put forward the assumption of birth of supermassive black holes has been heard. This assumption can already explain existence of these objects at early stages of development of the Universe.

It is necessary for white-skinned people to accept vitamin D

People with the light skin, badly transferring the sun, suffer deficiency of vitamin D and should accept it in the medicinal form.

The group of researchers financed by the British Fund of cancer researches, has found out, what even in the conditions of surplus of a sunlight such people not in a condition to develop optimum quantity of vitamin D.
Besides, at white-skinned it is considerable above risk to be ill with a skin cancer.
For this reason in the unique way of overcoming of deficiency of vitamin D physicians name its acceptance in the medicinal form or in the form of food additives.

Company NTC investigates the information on vulnerability in system of protection of some models of mobile phones let out by it because of which hackers can get remote access to the personal data of users.
As has informed blogger Android police, at connection of devices to the Internet it is possible to get with ease access to files containing in their memory with the confidential information. For example, to the list of base stations of the cellular communication located nearby, and also to e-mail, a notebook and many other records.
Among vulnerable there were models EVO 3D, EVO 4G, Thunderbolt, and also, probably, and series Sensation.

In Pacific ocean the new reserve for sharks is created

The government of Marshall Islands has made the decision on creation of the world's largest reserve for sharks the area almost 2 million sq. kilometres.
This country in Pacific ocean intends to forbid also trade in the spark products and commercial catch sharks in the maritime belt.
The economy of this state with the population of all in 68 thousand persons entirely depends on tourism. Marshall Islands enjoy wide popularity among fans of scuba diving.
Sharks and related it slopes are under constant threat of extinction because of intensive extraction and native habitat loss.
About third of kinds of ocean sharks are brought in the Red book - it is international the recognised list rare and vanishing species.

From biofuel while there is more than harm, than advantage

The poster propagandising utility of use of biofuel. According to  this idealised scheme carbonic gas (Carbon dioxide), getting to atmosphere at fuel burning, communicates plants, and the vegetative weight is then processed for reception of a new portion of fuel. Actually by manufacture of biofuel of carbonic gas it is allocated in the sum much more, than communicates plants. A Fig. from a site www.alternative-energy-news.info  

New heat resisting superalloys are found

Superalloys represent densely packed cubes of microcrystals in a disorder alloy (the image from a site www.msm.cam.ac.uk)

Japanese researchers have created superalloys on the basis of cobalt and iridium which can improve characteristics gas turbines and rocket engines. New alloys much more firmly and more refractory, than nickel superalloys used now.

The got immunity at bacteria can be connected with RNK-INTERFERENCE mechanisms

The device bacteriophage is rather uniform — relations between phages and bacteria are essentially more various. They represent the whole spectrum: from commensalism to terrible parasitism. And each type of relations is made out by special biochemical means. A photo from a site mansfield.osu.edu.

The European scientists have deciphered one of stages of work of immune system CRISPR at bacteria. Though this system and widespread among bacteria and archaea, its components in many cases appeared highly specific. Besides, the enzymes participating in registration of the immune answer, have not been connected in any way with other sites of a bacterial metabolism. Now scientists have shown that on one of necessary stages of work CRISPR of a bacterium use, first, universal enzyme RNase, and secondly, extended at eukaryotes the mechanism of preparation of the immune answer, similar to the RNK-INTERFERENCE. Thus, there was a possibility more substantially to interpret an origin and evolution of immunity at bacteria.

Whether and the person to stars can sometime depart? Scientists are not assured …

Not too optimistical forecast for mankind possibility to make interstellar travel and to construct life on other planets researchers from Management of perspective researches of the Ministry of Defence of the USA have sounded, — transfers Space.Com.

According to the most conservative estimates to the nearest star people should fly tens, and even hundreds years. Means, this business of all life not one generation of earth dwellers. The logical question how microgravitation will affect reproductive abilities of the person from this follows?
Till now scientists cannot give the exact answer as our reproduction at most weights depends. To difficult itself even to present all process in the conditions of weightlessness, when there is no gravitation and force of a friction when each push is accompanied by partner flying away to an opposite wall.

The expanded phenotype is explained at genetic level

The caterpillar killed by a virus nuclear polyhedrosis. Caterpillar fabrics became liquid and if the rain goes, virus particles will get on leaves and the branches located below. A photo from a site wikipedia.org