05 November, 2011

"Green" bicycle cinema in London

"Green" bicycle cinema in London

Thames Hub – the London megaairport from Normana Fostera

Thames Hub – the London megaairport from Normana Fostera

The British architect Norman Foster is able to think on a substantial scale! So on a substantial scale that the new project it is going to mention not only the city of London where its realisation, but also all Europe is planned! Get acquainted, the project of airport Thames Hub which becomes the largest transport knot of all European continent!

Megaphone for iPhone

Megaphone for iPhone
The smart phone iPhone from company Apple last years became one of the most popular gadgets in the world. It has replaced with itself(himself) many other devices. For example, the musical centres. Here only the special acoustic system is for this purpose necessary. For example, in the form of a megaphone. Such portable device under the name iPhone Horn Stand also has appeared recently on sale.

As reminders on God influence our acts

The reminder on God is capable to affect acts of the person strongly. To such conclusion researchers from University of Waterloo in Canada have come, — shares Personality and Social Psychology.

Jump and will be a current!?

At University of Wisconsin have thought up, as energy which is developed during walking, to start up on additional charge of mobile devices. For this purpose authors of research Eshli Taylor and Tom Krupenkin used electrospending liquids and technology of electrowetting, —   informs Nature Communications.

In Argentina have found out remains of the saber-toothed squirrel

Many of us with pleasure looked a cartoon film "Glacial age". Perhaps, saber-toothed squirrel was the most amusing character in a tape. Surprisingly, but there is a being very similar on the animation character, really once went by the ground. Anyway, the remains which have been dug out in the South America testify to it.

Hotbed gases will filter by means of special "sponge"

At University Lehaj have developed the new filter which can accumulate in itself hotbed gases, passing thus harmless connections.

At mankind physical power passes in the intellectual?

The researcher from the Cambridge university Martha Lar, having analysed physical development Homo Sapience, has come to a conclusion that we grow "downwards".
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