12 November, 2011

Brown colour of eyes will change on dark blue by means of the laser

Whether it is a lot of among us such, what are happy with the appearance? And colour of eyes what the mother-nature has given to us? How for ever to transform brown eyes in dark blue the American doctor Gregg the Homere has thought up. For this purpose he suggests to use the laser.

According to the procedure developed by it, in the beginning to the patient do computer scanning of an iris of the eye. It is necessary to define areas on which the laser further "will walk". Further already by means of two frequencies make dot influence on a pigment melanin. Procedure occupies only 20 seconds.
After that, according to the doctor of the Homere, in an organism self-cleaning process when the destroyed pigments leave from eyes at molecular level is naturally started. At the patient right after operation carrying out, colour of eyes darkens in the beginning, and then in 2-3 weeks becomes dark blue.
While the researcher is in grant expectations on $750 000 to begin clinical tests, sceptics warn that it will not finish to good. So, the British surgeon-ophthalmologist Larri Benjamin from Stoke Mandeville Hospital warns that similar manipulations with pigments, in particular, can turn back a photophobia and to doubling in eyes.

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