23 October, 2011

Computer mouse... With a tail. An amusing animal from company Elecom

Oppopet Mouse, a wireless mouse having a tail from Nendo and Elecom

Till now the computer rodent, the small manipulator-mouse, had problems with a tail. It, the mouse tail, or at all was not, if the mouse wireless, or the tail was a long and thin wire which came to an end with a piece of iron for an input in USB-port or a socket in the system block. How to provide to a mouse really standing tail, have thought up companies Nendo and Elecom: their creation having a tail looks very lovely and is called Oppopet Mouse.

But has not managed and without surprises, - is called the device as a mouse, and tails at these mice not so mouse. So, designers have approached from humour shares to manufacture of this wireless device, and have allocated a rodent with tails of the most different animals. Therefore in collection Oppopet Mouse there are mice with piggy and dog, cat's and hare, fox and squirrel, and also delfinim and a chameleon tail. As they say, assortment for all tastes, as in the present zoo.

Oppopet Mouse, a mouse with the cat's tail

Oppopet Mouse, a mouse with the fox tail

Oppopet Mouse, a mouse with a tail of a dolphin

Certainly, lovely and amusing tails of these unusual mice are attached to them not only for appearance. Tail Oppopet Mouse is the wireless receiver for USB-port which allows a device to move freely on a table or other surface, without being adhered to the computer by means of a long wire.

Oppopet Mouse, a mouse with a piggy curl

Fox, dog, dolphin, cat, pig, the squirrel, a chameleon and a rabbit

Mice having a tail - not a unique novelty from this series. 

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