22 October, 2011

The more safely the country, the is more unfortunate its citizens?

To understand the paradoxical fact why in the countries where inhabitants feel the happiest, traditionally highest level of suicides, experts from Great Britain (University Uorvika) and the USA (Hamilton-college and Federal reserve bank of San Francisco) undertook, — transfers PhysOrg, referring to the publication in Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.

16 October, 2011

Messenger has found out ice on Merkurii

Merkurii   has pleased scientists with new opening: it appears and on this hot planet there is an ice. Such data was collected by probe Messenger which turns now round the planet nearest to the Sun, — shares Science.

Musical preferences of youth testify to narcissism distribution

Interesting law was found out by psychologist Natan DeUoll from Kentukkijsky university, having analysed musical charts for last 27 years: the youth, in particular, American, gravitates to a narcissism more and more, — informs New York Times.

During the research work of De Uoll by means of the computer program has studied texts of songs which entered in top lists of charts with 1980 on 2007. It has appeared that in 80th years of last century people most of all loved songs in which it was told about general happiness, appeals to tolerance and racial harmony (for example, «Starting Over» John Lennon, «Ebony and Ivory» Paul McCartney) sounded.
Last decade in leaders songs in which it is a question of the unique person, its experiences, aspirations have escaped. Pronouns "we" and to "us" are used all less often. Instead of all of them "I" and "me", and texts of songs aggressive enough is more often sound.

Doctors: to drink juice of more than three glasses in day harmfully

To drink more than three glasses of juice in day – it is hazardous to health. In particular, it threatens with development of a cancer of intestines. To such conclusion researchers from University of Western Australia have come, — transfers Biusness and Health.

Scientists are in constant search of factors which do our organism vulnerable for a cancer. 1000 healthy people and 918 patients for whom diagnosed oncology of a thick gut have taken part in new research. From researchers the diet of volunteers which studied throughout two years has undergone to the most steadfast attention.

Schizophrenia will treat a computer game

The American company Brain Plasticity has developed a computer game which can help sick of a schizophrenia. Its purpose – to allow such people to train attention and memory, thereby facilitating the condition and braking disease progress, — writes New Scientist.

Green tea will help not to get fat

In green tea have found out one more useful property – he helps to struggle with excess weight. It is result of research which have spent at University of the State of Pennsylvania.