07 October, 2011

Birth of supermassive black holes have explained a dark matter

At astronomical conference which passes in Great Britain, the report of English astrophysicists which have put forward the assumption of birth of supermassive black holes has been heard. This assumption can already explain existence of these objects at early stages of development of the Universe.
By means of the computer gravitational interaction of a large cloud of a dark matter and interstellar gas and a dust has been simulated. As scientists consider, in the young Universe such coincidence of circumstances, quite could meet. It has been established that as a result of interaction, in the centre of this cloud the dense area which has appeared not steady was formed. It appeared, what even small gravitational indignation is capable to cause occurrence of a black hole. Researchers have counted up that the similar collapse occurred so quickly that through billion years after the Universe birth in it there could be supermassive black holes.
Now there are some theories of occurrence of the given objects. According to one - they are formed as a result of a collapse of a large cloud of gas, and according to another - as a result of a gravitational collapse of stars, merge and long absorption of a matter. But for hole formation long time is necessary. However now scientists know some the supermassive black holes which have appeared at occurrence by the Universe which existence existing theories cannot explain.

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