08 October, 2011

Small hooligans, maturing, are engaged рукоприкладством is more often

At faculty of public health services of the Harward university (USA) have found out that men who beat the women, in the childhood, as a rule, were notorious hooligans, — is informed in the report of researchers published in Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine.

Intellectual show-window-seller

At an exhibition of digital industry CeBIT 2011 in Hanover experts from Fraungofersky institute of telecommunication have presented system have presented an interactive show-window for shops, — shares Fast Company.

Good access to the Internet is useful to economy: it is checked up by scientists

What only do not spend researches in ours with you the eventful world. Here, for example, consulting company Arthur D. Little and the Swedish Technological university Chalmersa have analysed a situation in more, than 30 countries – and have come to a conclusion that between average speed of broadband access to the Internet and economy development there is quite obvious communication!

07 October, 2011

Typhoons are recognised by the starting mechanism of slow earthquakes

In magazine Nature article that scientists have established that slow earthquakes can be started by typhoons is published.

Slow earthquakes are slow fluctuations of a terrestrial surface which some hours or some days can proceed. Seismologists studied the data about earthquakes of the 2002-2007 which have occurred in east part of Taiwan. As a result of the analysis, it was possible to establish that eleven of twenty earthquakes powerful typhoons preceded.

Physicists have simulated black holes by means of rotating drops

The British physicists managed to receive in laboratory rotating drops of usual water of the unusual form. According to researchers, these drops can serve as models of black holes. On it informs magazine New Scientist. Work of scientists is published in magazine Physical Review Letters.

Birth of supermassive black holes have explained a dark matter

At astronomical conference which passes in Great Britain, the report of English astrophysicists which have put forward the assumption of birth of supermassive black holes has been heard. This assumption can already explain existence of these objects at early stages of development of the Universe.

It is necessary for white-skinned people to accept vitamin D

People with the light skin, badly transferring the sun, suffer deficiency of vitamin D and should accept it in the medicinal form.

The group of researchers financed by the British Fund of cancer researches, has found out, what even in the conditions of surplus of a sunlight such people not in a condition to develop optimum quantity of vitamin D.
Besides, at white-skinned it is considerable above risk to be ill with a skin cancer.
For this reason in the unique way of overcoming of deficiency of vitamin D physicians name its acceptance in the medicinal form or in the form of food additives.

Company NTC investigates the information on vulnerability in system of protection of some models of mobile phones let out by it because of which hackers can get remote access to the personal data of users.
As has informed blogger Android police, at connection of devices to the Internet it is possible to get with ease access to files containing in their memory with the confidential information. For example, to the list of base stations of the cellular communication located nearby, and also to e-mail, a notebook and many other records.
Among vulnerable there were models EVO 3D, EVO 4G, Thunderbolt, and also, probably, and series Sensation.

In Pacific ocean the new reserve for sharks is created

The government of Marshall Islands has made the decision on creation of the world's largest reserve for sharks the area almost 2 million sq. kilometres.
This country in Pacific ocean intends to forbid also trade in the spark products and commercial catch sharks in the maritime belt.
The economy of this state with the population of all in 68 thousand persons entirely depends on tourism. Marshall Islands enjoy wide popularity among fans of scuba diving.
Sharks and related it slopes are under constant threat of extinction because of intensive extraction and native habitat loss.
About third of kinds of ocean sharks are brought in the Red book - it is international the recognised list rare and vanishing species.

From biofuel while there is more than harm, than advantage

The poster propagandising utility of use of biofuel. According to  this idealised scheme carbonic gas (Carbon dioxide), getting to atmosphere at fuel burning, communicates plants, and the vegetative weight is then processed for reception of a new portion of fuel. Actually by manufacture of biofuel of carbonic gas it is allocated in the sum much more, than communicates plants. A Fig. from a site www.alternative-energy-news.info  

New heat resisting superalloys are found

Superalloys represent densely packed cubes of microcrystals in a disorder alloy (the image from a site www.msm.cam.ac.uk)

Japanese researchers have created superalloys on the basis of cobalt and iridium which can improve characteristics gas turbines and rocket engines. New alloys much more firmly and more refractory, than nickel superalloys used now.

The got immunity at bacteria can be connected with RNK-INTERFERENCE mechanisms

The device bacteriophage is rather uniform — relations between phages and bacteria are essentially more various. They represent the whole spectrum: from commensalism to terrible parasitism. And each type of relations is made out by special biochemical means. A photo from a site mansfield.osu.edu.

The European scientists have deciphered one of stages of work of immune system CRISPR at bacteria. Though this system and widespread among bacteria and archaea, its components in many cases appeared highly specific. Besides, the enzymes participating in registration of the immune answer, have not been connected in any way with other sites of a bacterial metabolism. Now scientists have shown that on one of necessary stages of work CRISPR of a bacterium use, first, universal enzyme RNase, and secondly, extended at eukaryotes the mechanism of preparation of the immune answer, similar to the RNK-INTERFERENCE. Thus, there was a possibility more substantially to interpret an origin and evolution of immunity at bacteria.

Whether and the person to stars can sometime depart? Scientists are not assured …

Not too optimistical forecast for mankind possibility to make interstellar travel and to construct life on other planets researchers from Management of perspective researches of the Ministry of Defence of the USA have sounded, — transfers Space.Com.

According to the most conservative estimates to the nearest star people should fly tens, and even hundreds years. Means, this business of all life not one generation of earth dwellers. The logical question how microgravitation will affect reproductive abilities of the person from this follows?
Till now scientists cannot give the exact answer as our reproduction at most weights depends. To difficult itself even to present all process in the conditions of weightlessness, when there is no gravitation and force of a friction when each push is accompanied by partner flying away to an opposite wall.

The expanded phenotype is explained at genetic level

The caterpillar killed by a virus nuclear polyhedrosis. Caterpillar fabrics became liquid and if the rain goes, virus particles will get on leaves and the branches located below. A photo from a site wikipedia.org

10 cities of the Earth where it is not necessary to go

On the Earth many the beautiful and interesting places, which many want to visit. But there are places in which it is better not to appear because stay there can be life-threatening. The American ecological fund Blacksmith Institute has made the list of ten such places.

10. Dzerzhinsk, Russia

In 1930 — 1998 in Dzerzhinsk it has been buried more than 200 thousand tons of a chemical waste — including the most dangerous — neurotoxins. Level of pollution of city water, under the available data, in 17 million times exceeds safe level. For today in a city lives about 300 inhabitants. Average life expectancy of 45 years.

«I receive 200 orgasms every day»

Sara 24 years, at it a syndrome of constant sexual excitation (Permanent Sexual Arousal Syndrome — PSAS) because of which the rush of blood to genitals and as a result that there is a sexual excitation increases come from London, to it.
As she said, sometimes at it so it is a lot of sex that she cannot calm down and even is tired of it. In bed with men it easily reaches an orgasm.
This illness has appeared at the girl as a result of influence depressants which it accepted at the age of 19 years. Sara considers that its present condition is a consequence of action of these tablets.
«Some weeks later I felt excitation more and more and received uncountable orgasms», — the girl admitted. In bed of employment by sex could proceed hours, and its young man has been simply amazed to how often it receives an orgasm. «Then it happens after employment by sex. I think that was between us in bed and again I start to be raised», — Sara has told.
In 6 months it began to receive 150, and sometimes and 200 orgasms in day.
Sara has left the young man, and new partners try to correspond to its inquiries in bed.
Sara — the cosmetician also works in salons, in which full buzzing hair dryers and other devices which can cause some problems.
«If I start to cough and run in a toilet, my employees already know that the client needs to allow to esteem magazine or to offer a coffee squash. But sometimes I would like to live normal life», — Sara admitted.

What you feel, when you die?

 What you feel, when you die?What does the person when dies test? When understands, what the consciousness leaves it? Whether there will be something unexpected while our life will approach to end? These questions tormented philosophers and scientists within centuries, but the death theme continues to excite each person and to this day.
The death comes in different shapes, but, anyhow, it usually an oxygen acute shortage in a brain. Whether people as a result of heart attack, drowning or an asthma die, finally, the reason of it is an oxygen acute shortage in a brain. If the stream of recently oxidised blood to a head is stopped through any mechanism, the person approximately in 10 seconds faint. The death will come in some minutes. How – depends on circumstances.

The magnetic field on border of Solar system "foams"

On suburb of Solar system the magnetic field "bubbles". To such conclusion experts after studying of the data from space vehicle "Voyager" have come, — researchers in accounting article in Astrophysical Journal share.

Transition to a net energy is inevitable

In that in the nearest some decades will increase quantity of the energy sources using renewed resources, — participants of conference of the Intergovernmental commission of the United Nations on climatic changes are assured. According to experts, by 2050 the quantity of non-polluting generators will make an order of 77 % from total, — transfers Associated Press.

Children suffer from a lack of parental attention of fans of the Internet

Parents everywhere complain what to distract children from the computer it is almost impossible. Researches of the professor of Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sherrli Terkl have shown that children suffer even more that parents frequently for days on end "hang" in the virtual, — the author of work shares in the interview USATODAY.

"Clever" ear-phones will protect ears from loud sounds

Experts from the company dB Logic have started to let out ear-phones in which is advanced «jammers» loud sounds, — informs Technology Review.

The sympathy for the interlocutor is less, if we think of money

Ketlin Vos, Tszja Lju and Dirk Smejsters who represented, accordingly, Karlsonovsky school of management of University of Minnesota, the Groningen university and Rotterdam school of management, have decided to check up force of a behavioural mimicry in a situation when the person remembers money, — researchers share in the article.

Engineering and Technology

Universal robotised hand on the basis of loose materials is developed

  The universal manipulator on the basis of loose materials in operation . Above: subjects of the different form which are lifted successfully by the manipulator. Below: its principle of action. Having fallen on a subject, the sack with a loose material accepts its form; after pumping out of air the material sharply hardens without form change, as allows to keep a body on weight. The image from discussed article

06 October, 2011

Gene of the Australian native testifies to two waves of settling of East Asia

Fig. 1. Two waves of settling Asia reconstructed on the basis of comparison genome of the radical Australian (ABR) with genomes of inhabitants of Africa (YRI), East Asia (HAN) and the Central Europe (CEU). Brown colour the first wave ( 75-62 thousand years ago), black — the second ( 38-25 thousand years), by small arrows — an exchange of genes between representatives of two waves is shown. A dashed line — penetration «denisovtsami» genes in a genofund of representatives of the first wave of migrants. Drawing from discussed article in Science  

05 October, 2011

Experiment OPERA informs on supervision of superlight speed neutrino

  Fig. 1. The General view of that part CERN where the proton bunch is deduced from accelerator SPS and generates neutrino a bunch flying in a direction of laboratory Gran-Sasso. The image from discussed article

On Friday on September, 23rd in archive of electronic pre-prints there was article collaboration OPERA, devoted to direct measurement of speed of movement neutrino. Results sound sensationally: speed v has appeared slightly — but is statistically authentic! — there is more than velocity of light. Article collaboration contains the analysis of various sources of errors and uncertainties, however reaction of the overwhelming majority of physicists remains very sceptical first of all such result will not be co-ordinated with other experimental data on properties neutrino.

03 October, 2011

Population of the Earth has reached seven billions — that further?

Calcutta, Day of the population of the Earth (World Population Day), on July, 11th, 2011  . It is supposed that by 2020 India will overtake China on population. A picture from: Science. 2011 V. 333. P. 538
Number of the population quickly grows now. Thus the centre of growth from Europe and the North America has moved to developing countries of South East Asia and Africa. The forecast for the future depends on that, how fast in these countries birth rate will decrease. At the different accepted values of factor fertility (numbers of children born for life by one mother) it is expected that by 2100 on the Earth there will be from 6,1 to 15,8 mlrd a person.
In 2011 the aggregate number of people on a planet has reached 7 billion. This to a certain extent sign figure became an occasion to occurrence in magazine Science of some the publications analyzing a current situation and containing forecasts for the future.
During at least 2,4 million years representatives of sort Homo remained collectors, but in the beginning Holocene in several different places (in East Mediterranean, on New Guinea, in Ethiopia, in the north and in the south of China, in east part of the North America and in the South America) the primitive agriculture began to appear. Chronologically it occurred in wide enough time interval — from 11 500 to 3500 years ago. Most likely, number Homo sapiens at the beginning of agriculture made about 6 million. For the past since then  11 thousand years it has increased in 1200 times!

02 October, 2011

In the ancient ice found bacteria resistant to antibiotics

 Permafrost on Alaska: in some places ice has age of 30 thousand years. For scientific most different specialities these ices give unique possibility to glance in the past. A photo from a site alaska-in-pictures.com  

 The Canadian scientists investigated DNA fragments, prisoners in a piece of ancient ice. By these fragments it was possible not only to define, what plants and animals lived in the given district 30 thousand years ago, but also to find out some properties of microbic community of those epoch. It has appeared that ancient bacteria already then had genes of stability to antibiotics. This conclusion all-important for understanding of mechanisms of formation of stability to modern medicinal antibiotics. Scientists have underlined that resistance genes to modern preparations frequently do not appear de novo, and simply get out of already available set.