23 October, 2011

Computer mouse... With a tail. An amusing animal from company Elecom

Oppopet Mouse, a wireless mouse having a tail from Nendo and Elecom

Till now the computer rodent, the small manipulator-mouse, had problems with a tail. It, the mouse tail, or at all was not, if the mouse wireless, or the tail was a long and thin wire which came to an end with a piece of iron for an input in USB-port or a socket in the system block. How to provide to a mouse really standing tail, have thought up companies Nendo and Elecom: their creation having a tail looks very lovely and is called Oppopet Mouse.

Innovative manipulator Celluon EvoMouse. A computer mouse in the form of the doggie

Mouse-scanner Celluon EvoMouse

For years of the existence, the computer mouse as soon as did not look. Both round, and the square form, and even in the form of the present, truth, a dead rodent, and in a ladybird appearance, in general, all kinds and forms simply not to remember. The Korean company Celluon has thought up absolutely new mouse - in the form of the doggie. Here only to touch it it is not necessary, it and so will work. You, the main thing, fingers on a table drive, and the device under name EvoMouse will read out these movements, and to decipher them for the computer.

Computer hedgehog Run-chy Mouse: means for struggle against a tunnel syndrome

Computer hedgehog Run-chy Mouse: means for struggle against a tunnel syndrome

We have got used to name this device for information input in the computer «a computer mouse». And after all, really, the majority of similar devices very much reminds this rodent. But not Run-chy Mouse which, despite the name, is more similar to a hedgehog, than on a mouse. And, these visual changes are made by the designer not for appearance, and for preventive maintenance of "a tunnel syndrome".

Ultrasonic accelerates healing of wounds

In the Royal infirmary in Glasgow use in quality ranozazhivljajushchego means … ultrasonic, — shares BBC News.

In mountains to build solar power stations it is more favourable, than in desert?

The more the sun, the more energy will collect solar batteries, it is clear. At National institute of the advanced industrial science and technics of Japan have suggested to place factories on solar energy manufacture not in deserts, and in mountains, proving it that at lower temperature it is possible to collect more energy. How much it was investigated expediently by experts Discovery News.

Probably, there are cubic neutrons

According to calculations of astrophysicists Phillip Lanes-Estrade and Gaspara Moreno Navarro, it is quite probable that very high density of packing of neutrons leads to that the form of particles changes with spherical on cubic, — scientists share in the article.

The candle flame has given a surprise: diamonds

Somebody from readers sometime reflected, of what the candle flame consists? And here scientists from university Sent-Endrju led by professor Utszun Chzhou this question it is live has interested. And to the surprise they have found out in a candle flame nanochastitsy diamonds, — researchers in the article published in magazine Chemical Communications share.

Clothes for additional charge of gadgets

It is probable, difficult to find now the person at whom in a pocket the mobile phone or a mp3-player would not lie. And quite often we face that the same mobile phone can be discharged at the most inappropriate moment. An exit from this situation have found in company Silvr Lining which inventors have thought up special clothes with solar batteries.

Men make a declaration of love before women

It is considered to be that women are greedier for words about love, than men. At the Massachusetts technological university have found out that for a strong half of mankind of a word «I love you» are important not less and they say them earlier, than women.

About what people «for 30» are sorry

It would seem, the you live longer, the more than the missed possibilities and, accordingly, subjects for pity. The research spent by scientists Illinojsky and Severo-Zapadogo of universities, proves that it not so, and samobichevat themselves able-bodied people of middle age are most of all inclined, and old men concern youth errors more easy.