13 October, 2011

People gravitate to stereotypes when the disorder around reigns

The disorder around pushes people more strongly to adhere to stereotypes, — the Netherlands scientists from Tilburgsky university Sigvart Lindenberg and Diderik have proved the Building berth. Results has presented Nature News, referring to magazine Science.

12 October, 2011

5 most unusual sources of fuel

1. The confiscated alcohol which is processed in biogas. Annually on the way to Sweden it will be confiscated about 757 100 litres of alcohol and instead of getting rid of it, the authorities have found surprising and simultaneously a favourable way out. Alcohol began to process with a view of biogas reception — the fuel used for various vehicles, including buses and trains.

Scientists managed to start an one-molecular electric motor

Experts from University Taftsa (USA) have created an efficient one-molecular electric motor nanoscale. Scientists have shared results of the work with magazine Nature Nanotechnology.

Italians will construct elektron-pozitronnyj коллайдер SuperB

In 2017 it will be started new elektron-pozitronnyj коллайдер SuperB. On an extreme measure such plans were sounded by representatives of the Roman university «Torahs of Vergata» and the Italian Institute of nuclear physics.

11 October, 2011

The person has not died nearly because of baking soda

Baking soda has practically killed the adult person. It used it to eliminate a belly-ache which reason is the ulcer, writes wired.
Having slipped on a children's toy, the man has fallen and could not rise. Rescuers have brought it to hospital Cooper (Cooper Hospital) in New Jersey. On the way there they have noticed that the man practically does not breathe. In branch of emergency medical aid experts have quickly understood that with the arrived patient something not so. It looked is tousled, obviously suffered from shortage of weight and could not define precisely year. Whether it has wounded a head at falling?

The tired brain is capable to disconnect partially neurons

From St. Anna's Higher school in Pisa (Italy) and University of Wisconsin-Madison was possible to prove (USA) to researchers experimentally that the brain is capable to "disconnect" some zones to allow to them … to sleep, — transfers ScienceNews.

10 October, 2011

The most ridiculous scientific researches

It is considered, what curiosity – not defect, and it is pledge of development of our civilisation, but our today's review that of scientific researches of several last decades forces to reflect on that and where, as a matter of fact, we move?

The speed limit in space according to Einstein. Film of NASA

09 October, 2011

Scientists have convicted plants of ability to be reserved by water

In the Center on environment studying have come to a surprising conclusion: plants hold in soil near to the roots a small water-supply, — is informed in the publication of researchers in magazine New Phytologist.

As it is known to any schoolboy from a course of biology, a plant receive minerals and water from soil. In exchange they allocate nutrients which in turn support ability to live of microorganisms and mushrooms. The mutually advantageous symbiotic exchange is thus formed.