07 October, 2011

Children suffer from a lack of parental attention of fans of the Internet

Parents everywhere complain what to distract children from the computer it is almost impossible. Researches of the professor of Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sherrli Terkl have shown that children suffer even more that parents frequently for days on end "hang" in the virtual, — the author of work shares in the interview USATODAY.
So, during the spent poll, many children admitted that almost constantly see the fathers from a back when those sit in front of the computer. During too time of mum a lot of time give to dialogue with the Network through mobile devices, smart phones. One girl has told that mum never talks to it, when takes away from school as one hand types sms, and another – drives the car. Therefore in due course it has ceased even to try to share with mum the everyday cares.
As to other scientific researches earlier it has been proved that a condition multitasking in which there is a brain, for example, when the person works behind the computer, is engaged in domesticities and thus manages to listen one ear news on the TV, raises level neurotransmitter pleasures in blood – dopamine.
Adults in the justification concerning hobby for the gadgets connected to the Internet, complain that wandering on the Network helps them to dump daily stress which collects on work. Thus, unfortunately, «the reasons for stress», as a rule, get to a category also the own children …

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